On IBC 2011 we had the idea to share the knowledge not only on technical issues, but on where to spend a nice evening in Amsterdam after working hard on the IBC. No matter if you prefer going to a nice restaurant or having a beer in a Rock'n'Roll Live Club, we show you some insider locations and ask the people on IBC abou their experience.
We have been on the IBC with our Camera Team and we have been in Town at Night to shoot some Locations Tipps. Like every year we will also be filming presentations on IBC 2016.
And I also will bring my 360 degree photo camera with me.
So watch out for to have a look around on our page on IBC and other cool locations in Amsterdam
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We will show new pitures from IBC every day.

Bourbon Street Live Music Club

The first IBC location tipp right out of the night. Like every year ! The Bourbon Street is near the Leidseplein in Leidsekruisstraat 8. We have seen "The Hats" there, a seventies rock cover band. Usualy I don't like cover bands, because they always try hard to sound like the original, but fail most of the times. "The Hats" didn't even try. They played the songs of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin  as if they wrote them. GREAT ! C.U. there !
For Google Maps klick on this Link.

Maloe Melo Blues Club

The second IBC location tipp: The Maloe Melo Blues Club, Lijnbaansgracht 163. This is the Place, where you can see the best old Blues Musicians live. It comes right from the heart and it is not a tourist location like the Waterhole at Leidseplein. For Google Maps klick on this Link.

Kinnaree Thai Food by Peter Lee of Orban Europe

After filming an interview with Peter Lee at the Orban booth last year, we were talking about good places to spend the evening in Amsterdam. Then I spontaniously had the idea to ask him about this issue right away. He sugested Kinnaree if you like good and spicy Thai Food. Thanks to Peter for this Tipp. You can see the Location on the Map below. There will be a lot more tipps when the IBC begins. 

GoPro Timelapse

This is the GoPro Timelapse recording of our ride from our Bed and Breakfast to the IBC. 
We obviously did not take the direct way and I also put a little Magic Bullet Looks on top to improve the weather a little bit.

More IBC 2011 Pictures and Movies are coming soon......

Neue Linsen von Zeiss

Hier seht ihr die Vorstellung der neuen Linsen von Zeiss die wir 2010 auf der der IBC in Amsterdam gedreht haben.